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노블레스 Noblesse - 세이라 Seira

노블레스 호텔 에서 노블레스 코스 했어요… ㅎㅎ 노블레스가 인기있는 단어지만 이 호텔을 봤을때 놀랐어요~

Seriously found a Noblesse hotel in Busan.


Granado again~


Growlanser II - Charlone

Always wanted to make a Growlanser costume, so I finally did!

Photo by 댄 Dan


Heartseeker Ashe

Where: Seoul

I made this in about three days. Dan made the bow and quiver. I’m so happy it’s finished and over lolz. More coming soon, I literally just got home from the studio.


Skyrim Nightingale Armor

Where: a mountain in Seoul

I made this out of scrap fabric that I had laying around. It only took me three days to make it. I’ll probably add the belt at a later time, but I’m super happy with how it turned out. I also made a cloak, but I completely forgot to bring it lolz.


Granado Espada Musketeer

Where: Seoul

I’m so happy that I finally finished these. I made the female version and the male version for Dan. Dan made the swords. I’m absolutely in love with this studio as well.

Photos by Dan and myself.


Rainbow Brite again!


Rainbow Brite

Where: Seoul

Photos by: 댄 Dan

I made Rainbow Brite and Tickled Pink’s costumes. I also made Murky’s vest. I’ve been wanting to do these for awhile now, so I’m happy we were finally able to cosplay them. Most people in Korea have no idea what Rainbow Brite is, but my friend was awesome for cosplaying Tickled Pink for me!


Super Mario Bros. - Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

Where: Seoul

I made these costumes for my friend and I. I didn’t want to copy the characters exactly since the original dresses aren’t very flattering, so I decided to update them a little bit.


League of Legends - Foxfire Ahri

Where: Seoul

Made this awhile ago and decided to cosplay it again since we booked three hours at the studio. I completely forgot to put on my ears since we were in a bit of a rush, but they still turned out good I think!

Photos by 댄